Ole Consulting Group has a world-renowned reputation for creating customized training solutions for both experienced, and new traders entering the digital asset space. We strive to remain at the forefront of trading strategies to insure our students remain abreast with the cutting edge tools of our industry.

Having the opportunity to learn how to trade, surrounded by full-time profitable traders, and receiving funding from us once you accomplish our training- this unique opportunity can not be found anywhere else in the nation!

Our success is due to the team we have assembled!

By creating opportunities from knowledge, we create and pursue opportunities with determination. We LOVE what we do – and we only do what we LOVE, with our specialized expertise coupled with years of experience we inspire people to consider new perspectives.

Ole 300 Spartan Trading Program

With a reputation for handing exceptional people the opportunity to achieve success and profitability, our Spartan Trading Program is a unique trading program offering side by side training guaranteed funded trading account.

Ole Trading Group has an innovative approach to training, and centers on knowledge and pertinent support which is driven by experience and long term relationships.

Traders Trade From Around The World
Work From Anywhere and Trade 24 Hours
The Freedom and Income You Want. Ole Trading

Trade With Our Crypto Fund

Traders that trade alone, can not make it in crypto.  Our trading professionals are seasoned crypto currency traders and you will benefit from the environment at Ole Trading Group.  We focus on a day trading and short term swing trading that limits the amount of exposure we have at any given time.  Trading alongside our traders, traders share there size and positions so all traders can work together.  Some of the benefits of trading with Ole Is Below.

Volume Over Order

All of our traders are required to go through our trading program and learn our trading strategy known as VOO.  We like to call it VOO-Do since many of our new traders believe its magic!

Alligator Crypto Strategy

Alligator crypto trading strategy is our short term swing trading strategy that have one of the highest success rates in trading.  Our V.O.O. and Alligator Strategy ensures our traders enters the best trades.

Private One On One Coaching

Traders success is our priority We have a invested interest in our traders becoming successful.  We are one of the few programs in the county that pair a seasoned trader with a trader for private coaching.

Ole Funded Trader

Ole Funded Trader program has three levels.  Literally our traders are going from apprentice to master trader in as little as 6 months.  This program is one of the best educational programs with an actual return on investment.