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Ausgust 21, 2019

Institutional Trading Strategies
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Ole Consulting Group is a US-Asia market strategy education service that brings institutional experience to global financial market traders

Ole Consulting Group caters to a multitude of investors types.

Global Stock Market traders interested in learning institutional methodologies for trading various asset classes. Forex traders looking to capitalize on global capital market commodity trends and analysis. Digital Asset Investors that want to take part in the explosive growth of the Blockchains Financial, Technology and social infrastructure changes caused by these emerging technologies.

New and Existing Traders that want to enroll in our world class training program designed to allow you to trade like the Big Boys!

The Ole Training Program offers tailor-made strategies and training programs for part time and full time traders interested in the exciting world of digital assets.

Our Futures Trading Educational Sessions are second to none, and will help you master the Volume Over Order strategy that we have created to take advantage of global institutions entering the digital asset space. Ole Consulting Group has developed a customized training program that has allowed our students to enter the  digital asset trading space with confidence!

Apply To Become A Ole Consulting Group Volume Strategy Student:

We teach a volume based trading strategy, specifically designed to track institutional funds entering and exiting the market.

Our Students are taught to take advantage of our proprietary volume based market indicators.

Our philosophy is to invest in great people, strong technology, and volume tracking trading strategies that will allow you to win in the digital asset trading arena.

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